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You first appointment usually lasts one and half hours, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the patient in take forms. Then there will be a 30 minutes consultation with our doctor, the doctor will not only check your history of present illness, but also discuss your past health and medical history, your lifestyle, your concerns and your goals for treatment. Treatment time will last 20-40 minutes.

Depending upon your specific condition, the doctor will take your pulse too, Acupuncture pulses are a qualitative reflection of the six major energy systems of the body. and she will look at your tongue, in Chinese medicine, Tongue reading can obtain much information about your general health.

Once this is completed, the doctor will recommend a course of treatment and explain how acupuncture will fit into that course of treatment.

We recommend you wear comfortable, loose cloth, Depending on the treatment, you might remain fully clothed. If you prefer, gowns and linens are always available.

Patients are encouraged to leave plenty of time both before and after their treatment. Avoid exercise and alcohol immediately before and after a treatment for at least 1 hour.

We encourage you take a body type test before you come, it will help our doctor to evaluate your condition. click the link to Start Body Type Test now.